Free Manncoin in Lockdown Giveaway

Manncoin Airdrop
Published on 7 May 2021

The team behind Manncoin, the Isle of Man’s first local cryptocurrency, gave away more than 150,000 free manncoin throughout January, March and April for Lockdown 2.0 and 3.0 as part of a special lockdown giveaway series.

Developed by local Blockchain company ManxTech Limited, Manncoin is a cryptocurrency designed specifically for the Isle of Man and its people. Since its soft launch in August 2020, the company has given away hundreds of thousands of free manncoin to help kickstart the Manncoin economy and give those with little experience of cryptocurrency the opportunity to get involved and see the benefits for themselves.

Over the course of the Island’s three-week circuit-breaker lockdown in January and then again in March and April’s near seven-week lockdown, Manncoin provided five exciting opportunities for Island residents to win free Manncoin as part of a social media giveaway. More than 1,000 people got involved, with 100, 50 and 25 free manncoin up for grabs, along with Manncoin branded T-shirts and Masks.

Talking about the future of Manncoin, founder Martin Aram says that in time he hopes to establish the cryptocurrency as the ‘go-to’ method of payment for everyone in the Isle of Man, taking over from more traditional payment methods such as cash and cards.

He explained: ‘I think what makes us stand out from other cryptocurrencies is our commitment to the longevity of Manncoin by developing a secure MarketPlace platform for trade using Manncoin and making sure people understand that it is 100% safe and trustworthy. We have a zero-tolerance policy towards using our currency for illicit activity, and this is backed up by the fact that every single user is fully identifiable prior to accessing a Wallet in order to discourage illegal use. This is unlike any other cryptocurrency as they tend to offer a degree of anonymity, which unfortunately can result in misuse.

‘On the contrary, we keep a record of our users’ names, addresses, date of birth, email, ID documentation and photo. This means that every user can be held accountable for their use of Manncoin. Of course, this information is not public, nor will it ever be, but if for example we were required by law to assist with an investigation, we would have the ability to provide information in accordance with the law, in the same way as banks.’

‘We appreciate that replacing cash and card with a digital currency in the Isle of Man is a strange concept, but I’d encourage everyone to give cryptocurrency a go and see how easy it is to use. The best way to learn and understand something is to use it for yourself to get a feel for what it is all about, which is why we have held a number of Manncoin giveaways – to give people the opportunity to do just that!’